Anne Scully is a Nationally Registered , Board Certified, NY State Licensed Creative Art Therapist who has been practicing art therapy since 1999. Anne has additional training and received post graduate certification in Marriage and Family therapy in 2003 and is Reiki II certified. Anne has worked extensively with a variety of age groups and personal concerns both in individual and group settings. Anne has treated people who have combated medical illness, HIV, mental illness, substance use, depression, mortality, eating disorders, developmental disabilities. She has helped her clients confront issues such as death, codependency, depression, anxiety, relationships, family issues.

Anne is an artist as well. Anne's path towards becoming an art therapist first started with her journey as an artist. Anne has been a lifelong artist, starting her love for drawing and painting at a young age as well as a great appreciation for other art forms such as dance and writing. For Anne, creating art is a space for peaceful energy, reflection, exploration, and meditation. Her personal artwork gravitates towards painting and pastels. She has also written and published children's books in collaboration with her husband.

Professionally, in her art therapy practice, Anne encourages a wide variety of traditional and non traditional art materials which are used to further explore personal issues. Anne has extensive experience working with individuals who have very little experience or knowledge about the art process and has been successful in building personal confidence in art making to create a successful and meaningful experience.

Artist, Tara Marean primarily works in oils, watercolors, and glass. In addition to painting and creating fine art jewelry, she is a New York state licensed Creative Art Therapist and Board Certified by the American Board of Art Therapy.

Originally from the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, she was awarded a bachelor of fine arts from Kutztown and East Stroudsburg State Universities. She later earned a Master of Science in Art Therapy from the College of New Rochelle. Tara's diverse private practice encompasses all age groups in individual, family, and group settings. She brings over 25 years of therapeutic experience working with chemical dependency, family dynamics, body image, illness, stress relief, depression, and other concerns to her clients sessions. She applies a gentle approach to self understanding and change to help her clients realize their therapeutic goals. Recently, Tara has expanded her practice to Phippsburg , Maine. Tara runs art workshops incorporating local coastal and environmental imagery, found objects, and traditional art materials into healing art experientials. This spa environment offers a new dimension to the artistic, spiritual, and ever changing personal journey of artists and individuals.

As a working artist, Tara frequently shows her watercolor paintings, pastels, stained and fused glass in New York and Maine. Her works can be found in many locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, California, and Maine.

Private Practice
1 Ridge Rd
Croton on Hudson , NY 10520

Maine House
8 Sylvester Dr
Phippsburg, ME 04562

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